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How to find traffic accident reports from Massachusetts State Police

  The cost of a Police report in Massachusetts typically ranges from $6 to $20, depending on the how you obtain it. You will likely need to provide information such as the report number, your name, drivers license number, vehicle plate number, the date/time of accident, location of accident, who was involved in the accident, your mailing address, phone number, and email.
  Massachusetts State Police offer's 3 ways to get a copy of your accident report:
  Phone: 5088202300
  In Person: Massachusetts State Police, 470 Worcester Road Framingham, MA 01702
  Online: For more information, you can visit
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Are accident reports public records in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, accident reports are available to the public. Based on the state's rules, everyone can check these reports, like those from the police, unless there's a specific exception. Yet, some parts of these reports might be left out to keep personal details safe or if an investigation is still going on. If you need an accident report, you can get it from the Massachusetts Vehicle Office (RMV) or the State Police (MSP), depending on who recorded it.

How do I get an accident report in Massachusetts?

To obtain an accident report in Massachusetts, you can choose either the online method or through mail:

1. Online: Visit the "Get a Crash Report" section on the site. Enter the needed details, like a driver's name, when and where the accident happened, and pay a $20 fee. They'll email you the report as a PDF within a day.
2. By Mail: Complete the "Crash Report Request Form" and send it to the RMV with a $20 payment via check or money order. Expect a paper report in the mail in about 4 weeks. If you want the report to be certified, there's an extra $5 charge.

What to do after a car accident in Massachusetts?

If you have a car crash in Massachusetts, here's the recommended course of action for your safety and rights:

1. Stay Safe: Move off the road if you can. Only leave the accident scene if a police officer tells you to. Leaving without permission, especially after severe accidents, can get you into legal trouble.
2. Alert Authorities: Dial 911. Share if there are injuries and ask for medical help if needed. Make sure local law enforcement knows about the crash, as they'll create a report.
3. Medical Check: Even if you feel okay, see a doctor after the crash. Some injuries don't show signs immediately but can become serious. This also provides evidence if you need to claim compensation later.
4. Share Details: Give your name, address, car details, and insurance info to others in the crash. Get their info too and, if you can, their driver's license number. If people witnessed the crash, get their contact info.
5. Talk to Police: Be honest when answering the police's questions about the crash. But don't say you caused it or apologize as this might be used against you later.
6. Document with Photos: Take pictures of the accident spot, the cars, the road, signs, and any damage or injuries. This can help show what really happened.
7. Tell Your Insurance: Let your insurance company know about the crash soon. They might want to see your car and guess repair costs. But don't accept their first offer or sign anything without talking to a lawyer. They might owe you more than they offer.

Why Do You Need Your Massachusetts Crash Report?

You need a Massachusetts crash report for several reasons:

- It is required by law. If you are involved in an accident that resulted in injury, death, or property damage over $1,000, you are required to file a Motor Vehicle Crash Operator Report with the RMV within 5 days of the accident. This report contains important information about the accident, such as the date, time, location, parties involved, vehicles involved, injuries sustained, and damage caused.

- It helps determine fault and liability. The crash report may include statements from the drivers, passengers, witnesses, and police officers who were at the scene of the accident. It may also include diagrams, measurements, photos, and other evidence that can help determine how the accident occurred and who was responsible for it. This can affect your claim for compensation and your insurance rates.

- It supports your claim for compensation. The crash report can serve as proof of your injuries and property damage caused by the accident. It can also show that you were not at fault or that you were less at fault than the other party. This can help you recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages from the liable party or their insurance company.

Please visit our Massachusetts Accident Reports page to find additional information.

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