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Imagine if 5 fully loaded commercial airplanes dropped out of our skies every week.

There would be a national outrage and every plane would be grounded until we got to the bottom of the problem, but that is the equivalent of how many people die in car accidents in America every single week and it has been like this for years. Unfortunately, we’ve come to view traffic accidents as the ‘cost of doing business’.

But it doesn’t have to be. The answer is out there and our mission is to find it. Through the power of technology, analytics and machine learning we have begun that journey.

Our first goal is to study the patterns of accidents in data contained in thousands of crash reports that are filed daily.

We plan to drive awareness and begin helping victims by connecting them to useful resources:

STEP 1 – We will make it easy and free for legitimate people involved in a car accident to find THEIR data. Eventually we hope the success of myaccident.org will eventually enable us to provide FREE actual copies of their original police report. We are starting first in Texas, if successful we won’t stop until we have succeed in all 50 states.

How we do, what we do:

  1. We connect and combine multiple public databases to produce a massive collection of data, refreshed daily and stored securely in the cloud.
  2. We use machine learning to create artificial intelligence which is fed thousands of new reports daily and is learning to spot patterns in the data that will help make our roads safer.
  3. We provide a free online app that securely lets you easily find and manage public accident information for accidents you have been involved in.
  4. We provide access to online resources that help you. Like comprehensive directories that give practical information like how to locate and obtain original copies of your accident report. Our research team keep this information up to date for over 1000+ Police Agencies in Texas.
  5. Myaccident.org IS NOT a government organization. myaccident.org does not take funding from public sources.
  6. Myaccident.org IS NOT  a charity. We aim to be self funded and pay for our work using online advertising.  
  7. Myaccident.org IS A Public Benefit Corporation. This means we are a private corporation, with a social purpose. If you want to learn more about Public Benefit Corporations click here.

What we do and WILL NEVER do:

We will never share information relating to your accident without your initiated request and your explicit permission. When it comes to your data, it is always your decision what to share and who to share it with.

Myaccident.org is funded by Advertisers and ‘Affiliates’ who use our platform to promote their services. They rely on your decision to choose them and it will always be your choice if and when to share your information.

Contact Us: (214) 800-2045

Our Offices: 6060 N Central Expy Suite 500, Dallas, TX 75206

Contact email : contact@myaccident.org