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Have you been involved in an accident in Wisconsin? When this happens, the authorities or involved parties are usually called upon to create an accident report documenting all important details. Accident reports contain information about the accident, including who is at fault, where it occurred, and other critical details that can help law enforcement or an insurance company make decisions about legal cases or insurance claims.

Accident and collision reports are important if you need to demonstrate your innocence in a legal case, but they're even more crucial for insurance claims. If you're involved in any type of car accident, it's important to get your own copy of the report to have on hand to reference if anything comes up in the future.

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How do I find my crash report in Wisconsin?

Luckily, Wisconsin makes it fairly easy to find a copy of a crash report online. You can do this online at their Crash Report website here. They are available once it is received from the reporting law enforcement agency which can be up to 10-15 days after the accident.

To do the initial search for a crash report, you will need to provide one of the following:

  • Document number
  • Date and Wisconsin Driver License Number
  • Accident/Crash Number

Once you have found the crash report you're looking for you can purchase it using a credit card in their online system.

For crashes that occurred before January 1, 2017, you will still use the online search method above, however, it will only confirm availability and not be able to digitally provide the crash report. Instead, you will be provided with mailing and payment instructions to order the crash report.

Please note: crash reports are not available via email, fax, or at local DMV offices. You must use the online system mentioned above to find and order your crash report.

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