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Looking to request a copy of your Tennessee accident report? You’re in the right place! We help by providing information on how you can obtain your Tennessee accident report, as well as additional information answering common questions for those involved in a traffic collision.

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The 'SF-1203 Tennessee Uniform Crash Report'

A Tennessee accident report is officially titled as ‘SF-1203 Tennessee Uniform Crash Report’. It is used by law enforcement to record the details relating to an incident involving any type of vehicle. The details in the SF-1203 Tennessee crash report are recorded by the officer who attended the scene of the accident. Tennessee law requires drivers to report all accidents involving $50 or more of property damage, injury, or death. Additionally, as required by Tennessee law, you must file an Owner/Driver Report Form SF-0395 within 20 days if the property damage exceeded $400, there was injury, or a person was killed in an accident. The following documents and websites provide more information and detail on motor vehicle crash reports in Tennessee:

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2 Ways to Get A Copy Of Your Report On-Line In Tennessee

1. Order Online Through Tennessee's Online Portal

To request your crash report online from the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security's online portal, you will need to provide information about the accident and specific driver or vehicle involved in the crash. You will also need to provide your Last Name, Date of Accident, Reporting Agency, Driver's License Number, and one of the following: VIN, License Plate, Case or Tracking Number. You will also need to provide payment for the applicable fee of $10 per report.

2. Other Data Sites like LexisNexis or CrashDocs

These can be a good reliable source of data. However the sites can be difficult to use and do not have all the Police Agencies in Tennessee. (sometimes less than 50%)

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Police Agencies For Tennessee