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Location Date/Time Vehicles Involved Description
Crash ID: 18709925
SH0121 , Unknown, undefined, TX, US
01/22/22 19:17 Unknown 2015 Accident Leaves 2 Injured In 3 Vehicle Collision On SH0121 , Unknown, undefined, TX, US
Crash ID: 18710745
BU0287P , Unknown, undefined, TX, US
01/22/22 17:54 Unknown 2014 Accident Leaves 2 Injured In accident On BU0287P , Unknown, undefined, TX, US
Crash ID: 18709962
BU0287P 2308, Unknown, undefined, TX, US
01/22/22 16:29 Unknown 2008 Accident Leaves 2 Injured In accident On BU0287P 2308, Unknown, undefined, TX, US
Crash ID: 18710587
MEACHAM BLVD , Unknown, undefined, TX, US
01/22/22 02:10 Unknown 2015 Accident Leaves 3 Injured In 3 Vehicle Collision On MEACHAM BLVD , Unknown, undefined, TX, US
Crash ID: 18709192
SH0183 , Unknown, undefined, TX, US
01/22/22 00:23 Unknown 2009 Accident Leaves 2 Injured In accident On SH0183 , Unknown, undefined, TX, US
Last updated on: Jan 27, 2022
By: Accident Monitoring Team

Car Accident Reports

Depending on where your accident occurred there are potentially $count Police Agencies that could have attended your accident and completed the report.

ALL of these agencies use the the Texas DOT CRIS (Crash Report Information System) and so obtaining a copy of your report from any of them is relatively easy.

Emblem Agency/Department
badge Fort Worth Police Department

History of Accidents in Fort Worth

The number of accidents in Forth Worth has steadily increased since 2014, with an especially large spike from 2015 through 2017. This is both typical of national trends during this time and distinguishable from them, as there was a countrywide accident volume increase from 2015. However, this peaked in the US in 2016 and began to decline in 2017, which is markedly different from the number of accidents that Fort Worth experienced during the same period.

In fact, at the beginning of this five-year stint, the number of accidents recorded in the city stood at 5,498, which began increasing sharply starting with the following year. As a result, Fort Worth experienced 6,192 accidents in 2015. The next year there were 7,135 annual accidents recorded, and 2017 -- the point where the city's accident volume diverges from the national average -- represents a high point of 7,220. However, 2018 saw a marked reduction in accidents with only 5,723 for the year, which did happen to be in line with the rest of the country. This represents that whatever happened in 2017 that caused accidents in Fort Worth to continue to occur at a higher rate seems to have resolved itself. Still, it's worth noting that 2018's accident count is still higher than 2014's by a substantial margin; this too is altogether all-too-common across the country as well.

History of Fatalities in Fort Worth

Fort Worth's fatality rate correlates strongly with its accident rate, and over this five year period, it seems to be tied closely as it has risen and fallen in patterns that mimic its accident rates. Fatalities rose steadily from 2014 to 2017, starting at 18 deaths a year and increasing to 23, and 35 in 2015 and 2016. Once again, 2017 saw a five-year high with 40 annual fatalities. Additionally, this is also out of line with national fatality statistics, which saw a peak in 2016 before declining in 2017 and 2018 across the country. Yet Fort Worth gained some relief on the accident-related fatality front when annual deaths came down to 28 in 2018, indicating that, like its accident volume, its fatality rates did eventually come to coincide with overall trends across the United States.

As far as why 2017 was the deadliest year in Fort Worth as well as the one with the most accidents, there are a few possibilities. The Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area is the largest in Texas with 7.4 million people and the fourth-largest in the nation -- and high accident rates can be attributed to high volumes. Additionally, problems like distracted driving have been plaguing the area for years, with the AAA finding that 2017 was a particularly bad year in the area with a 20 percent increase in incidents.

Whether it's distracted driving, sheer volume, or any other reason, Fort Worth neighborhoods experience more than their fair share of accidents. It's advisable to exercise caution when driving nearby.

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