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When you’re part of a traffic accident in Oregon, you’re required to file an Oregon Traffic Accident and Insurance Report within 72 hours of the accident as long as it meets specific criteria set by the state. However, if you were part of an accident and are looking for a copy of your accident report in Oregon, you might be surprised to find that Oregon DMV won’t give you a copy of your accident report, so it’s best to keep a copy when you file yours. There are other reports that you can get by contacting the local police department where the accident occurred, if needed.

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The "Oregon Traffic Accident and Insurance Report (735-32)"

An Oregon accident or crash report is officially titled as "Oregon Traffic Accident and Insurance Report (735-32)". It is used by law enforcement officers in Oregon to report traffic crashes to the Department of Public Safety. The details in the report are recorded by the officer who attended the scene of the accident.

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How do I find my accident report in Oregon?

AIn the state of Oregon, state law (ORS 802.220(5)) states that DMV cannot give you a copy of an accident report that was submitted to DMV. However, this report is intended to be submitted by the driver so when you fill out your accident report, make sure you keep a copy for yourself.

Although you can’t get a copy of the accident report from the DMV, you should be able to obtain the police report from the local police department where the accident occurred if one was filed. Alternatively, if you need contact information for parties involved in the accident from the DMV, you can call the Oregon DMV Accident Unit at (503) 945-5098 to get their information.

Portland Police Reports

Even though you can’t obtain a copy of the accident report with DMV, if your accident occurred within the Portland Police’s territory and is within the criteria to be investigated by the Portland Police Bureau, you can obtain a copy of the officer filed police report by contacting The Portland Police Records Division. This report is an official document put together by a law enforcement officer who was on the scene and should still contain plenty of information about the accident.

How do you know if there is a police report that you can request? One or more of the following criteria must be met for the Portland Police Bureau to investigate a traffic collision, so if one of these is true for your accident, there’s a high chance that there is a police report that you can request a copy of:

  • all fatal or potential fatal collisions
  • serious physical injury collisions
  • collisions involving operators who are under the influence of intoxicants
  • collisions involving drivers who fail to perform the duties required of them at traffic collision scenes (Hit and Run)
  • collisions involving hazardous material spills

If your accident met one of these conditions, you may contact Portland Police to obtain a copy of your officer filed police report:

  • 1111 SW 2nd Ave (Justice Center) Portland, OR
  • 503-823-0043

Alternatively, if you received a Traffic Crash Exchange Report, this is likely the only report written about the incident or accident so you should keep this for your records. If you want to obtain the case number assigned to this report, contact the Records Division office at 503-823-0043. The case number should be available 72 hours after the accident.

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