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Last updated on: Oct 2, 2023
By: Accident Monitoring Team

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Let us help you find your New York accident report online! Getting into a car accident is scary enough. After the initial shock, you often find yourself dealing with legal or insurance issues, which typically means you will need a copy of your New York accident report. An accident report, also known as a crash report, provides important details about the incident including the date and time of the crash, the location at which the crash took place, any environmental factors, and more.

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The New York “MV-104A” Police Accident Report

A New York crash report is officially titled an ‘MV-104A’ or ‘Police Accident Report’. It is used by New York state law enforcement to record the details relating to an accident involving any type of vehicle. The details in the report are recorded by the police officer who attended the scene of the accident. If a police officer did not attend your accident you may be required to file your own report with the state provided form titled ‘MV-104’ or ‘Report of a Motor Vehicle Accident’ through the New York Department of Motor Vehicles. The report can be pretty complicated due to the fact that there are often 1000’s of circumstances and facts that are recorded about the accident details, drivers, occupants and vehicles involved. If you are looking for a very detailed explanation of the information, codes and terminology used in the MV-104A Police Accident Report, the following documents can help provide a comprehensive guide:

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New York Police Accident Report Codes MV-104COV pdf icon
Police Accident Report Manual pdf icon

2 Ways to Get A Copy Of Your New York Accident Report Online

1. Order Online Through New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

To request your accident report online from the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), you will need to provide information about the accident and specific driver or vehicle involved in the crash. First, do a ‘Free’ limited search to see if the NYDMV has your crash report yet. Secondly, do a ‘Paid’ search for your report. Next, order your reports through the search portal. After your pay, you will be able to download your report directly as a PDF. You will then have access to your report for seven calendar days. You can also request a copy of your accident report via mail through the DMV.

2. Other Data Sites like LexisNexis or CrashDocs

These can be a good reliable source of data. However the sites can be difficult to use and do not have all the Police Agencies in New York. (sometimes less than 50%)

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