Safer Cities for Drivers

A recent article from US Insurance Agents discusses driver safety in America.The article lists out the most dangerous and safes cities for drivers, with Texas claiming four spots on the lists:

Most Dangerous Cities: Dallas was ranked the third most dangerous city for drivers, with 194 fatalities occurring in 2018.

Safest Cities: Brownsville was ranked the safest city in all of America. Laredo and McAllen were ranked fifth and ninth safest cities, respectively.

Drivers can do their part by making roads safer by refraining from drunk driving– drunk driving remains the number one cause of accident fatalities, claiming 10,511 lives in 2018.

Technology can help make a difference. Cars are becoming safer by includingfeatures like Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) systems, back-up cameras,and auto-steering. And also, startups like are helping drive awareness by providing accident-related data to the public for free.

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