In addition to our General Website Privacy Policy, PBC has strict guidelines and policies governing how it handles the data that is viewed on and all its sub-domains including: PBC is an independent company with one clear mission: to help people who have been involved in an accident.

While we make every attempt to make sure the users of our site are people who have a legitimate reason for its use, we accept that there are always loopholes that could be open to the site’s miss use. Therefore we ask that if you know of any such loophole or abuse that you report it to us here : and we will look into the matter and respond appropriately.

The following attempts to outline our additional data policies:

DATA PRIVACY POLICY and it’s subdomains (the “Site”) created this Data Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) to provide additional explanation to the privacy of visitors and users of our Site and providing an appropriate level of protection and management of their personal information. This Site is a privately-owned, for-profit website and is not owned, operated, or affiliated with the Government, including Local, State or Federal agencies. This Site was created to provide access to information and resources for needs related to car accidents. PBC does not control and is not responsible for the use of your personal information by any such companies or other entities, publishers, agents, contractors, or other partners. This Site and this Policy are subject to the Terms and Use Agreement, which govern your use of this Site.

Anyone who signs up (“User”) for service agrees to abide by all terms and conditions set forth by The User agrees to keep private their password. The User is responsible for canceling their account (this may be by contacting us at Non-use of your User account at does not constitute an implied cancellation. reserves the privilege to block any visitor or cancel any account for ANY reason.

As general guidance we will always cancel and block accounts we believe are engaged in data mining, extraction of information with any automated device/software, unauthorized access of data, Use of the data for business reasons or illegal activity. PBC reserves the privilege to cancel this agreement at any time. includes public databases that are acquired directly or indirectly from government agencies or other such subdivisions under various provisions including the Freedom of Information and Public Access Laws. Some information has restrictions on its use and it is your responsibility to be informed about such restrictions. is not a consumer reporting agency and data provided by does not constitute a consumer report as that term is defined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), 15 U.S.C.A. sec 1681 et seq. is merely a conduit for public records and is NOT the ultimate custodian of any public records. All errors or complaints should be addressed to the governmental custodian. will provide custodian contact information if requested.