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Use the free compensation calculator to estimate your settlement payment for a car accident free accident settlement calculator helps estimate the value of your car accident claim. Get connected with accident lawyers who know the system.

Insurance companies represent their interests, not yours. Someone should represent yours. Use the free Claim Calculator Tool now to see what you may be entitled to. Get connected with someone who knows the system and start here!

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The Top 5 Factors That Influence Your Settlement Value

  1. Statute of Limitations: The statute of limitations varies in every state, however, typically the statute of limitations is 12 months since the date of your accident. Making a claim within your states statute of limitations is key in making sure you receive a settlement. If your statute of limitations has expired or exceeded, your case can be worth nothing.

  2. Extent of Injuries: The extent of injuries you or your passengers sustained has the most impact on your case because it has the most impact on the costs you need covered. Accident related injuries can often last for many years. Making sure you are financially covered during the time it takes to heal from your injuries is critical. Sometimes even small accidents can create significant injuries or injuries later on, thats why it is always recommended to seek professional advice after any type of accident. If you had medical bills, even if you did not pay out of pocket, you might be entitled to compensation.

  1. At Fault Status : In some states, the police report is not admissible as evidence, however the viewpoint of the police report is often regarded as a key factor of the cases winability. If the accident was not your fault and the police confirm that - you may be entitled to compensation.
  1. Commercial Vehicle Involvement: If the accident involved a commercial vehicle such a ride share i.e. uber, lyft, an 18 wheeler, etc. this is a type of case that is treated with much more severity due to the liability and expectation of the commercial entity.

  2. Passenger Involvement: If your passengers were injured they may also be entitled to representation and compensation. Making sure your passengers are treated for their injuries and compensated for such is critical.

Always Confirm With a Lawyer

There are many variables that go into the determination of a settlement amount for any personal injury case, its always advisable to speak with a lawyer to best understand the process of making a claim and getting compensated to the fullest amount. You should always speak to an attorney before making any settlement demands or accepting any settlement from insurance companies. Insurance companies almost always low ball compensation. Your settlement is most likely worth a significant amount more than what the other drivers insurance company might be offering, in fact, on average your case will be worth three to four times more when represented by a personal injury attorney with experience.

What information is needed to make a compensation estimate?

Generally, any compensation that you might be entitled to after a car accident is based on the sum total cost of your injuries and car repairs. The value of a vehicle damaged in an accident has a lot of important factors to take into consideration like the initial value of the vehicle, the condition of the car before the accident, the cars mileage, etc. Repair calculations are most often based around specific parts and replacements. Injuries, however, are far more difficult to calculate. Unlike your car, there is no market value for your injured body parts or type of injury. Whats more is that the experiences that come with an injury are subjective from person to person, with a great deal of variety. Thats why it is critical to consult with a lawyer and have them collect all of the necessary information they will use to help calculate your claims value.