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Accident Reports Delivered to you in Under 15 Minutes - Let us prove it to you for free : The 1st one is on us!*


Search and find any accident, with over 5 years of history.


Report not filed yet? Don't waste time checking each day: Get instant alerts when the report has been filed AND get notified if changes are made to your report.


An easy to understand 'Client Report', with your logo and contact information to share with clients or prospective clients. * For all reports ordered between 9am and 5pm CT, Monday - Friday


Advertise your brand to over 50k unique new visitors searching for their accident reports monthly (Purchased Separately)

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Accident Report
Search Engine

Search and find any accident that happened in the last 24 hours or up to 5 years ago. View detailed accident, vehicle and driver information. Manage and retrieve official CR3 and DMV reports using your own simple to use business portal.

Find an accident in less than 5 seconds by

  • Case
  • Vin
  • Car Make/Year
  • Address
  • County
  • City
  • Date
  • Vehicle year

MyAccident Complete

3 Reports in 1 - Try it now and your 1st order is on us!


TxDOT Official CR3
'Peace Officer' Report




DMV Owner
Title Information




MyAccident Business
Pro Report



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The Police can take up to 10 days to file a CR3 Peace Officer report. Often your client contacts you before the report is filed. It is critical that you obtain a copy of the report as soon as possible. This can mean time wasted checking daily to see if the report is ready. Using our Alert system we will notify you immediately when the report is filed. No more constant checking or worse, getting notified by your client that they found the report before you did.


Often incomplete reports are filed by the police in order to meet the 10 day mandated deadline. There are many reasons for this, in some cases critical information just is not available until the investigation is complete. We monitor all accident reports for changes and will immediately notify you and send the updated version of any report you have ordered that has been updated.

Our 15 Minute Promise*

Your clients demand you take action quickly on their behalf. Waiting for a report can be extremely frustrating. We guarantee your report will be in your inbox within 15 minutes of your order. If it isn't - the report will be free. NOTE: A redacted version of the Accident report + Client report + Owner's Title report are all available instantly. The CR3 report will be delivered in under 15 minutes following the order.

About PBC is a 'Public Benefit Corporation'. This means we are a private corporation, with a social purpose. 10% of the revenues generated by go to non profit organizations.

Provide Your Clients With An Accident Report They Will Understand

The Business Pro is clear and easy to understand.

It can be adressed personally to your client and is branded with your business logo and contact information. The report contains everything your client needs to know about the accident, all explained in a simple and professional visual design.

report back side
report front side

NOTE: This report is also ideal for prospective clients: When calls come in to your sales team they have the ability to immediately locate the accident report while the caller is on the phone. Your team can demonstrate an excellent grasp of the facts, confirm the details and send to the prospective client a report via SMS or Email - even before the official CR3 is ready."

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